Anatomy of a Leader by Carl Mays

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ISBN-10: 1880461439 | ISBN-13: 978-1880461433 | Publication Date: November 15, 1997

In this attractively illustrated and concisely packed book, leadership is presented as both an art and a science. Skillfully, Carl Mays uses various parts of the body to present a unique, practical approach to leadership.

There are different roads that lead to success as a leader. But regardless of your path or style, Carl Mays emphasizes that truly successful leaders have (1) A Heart that enables you to recognize your own qualities and the qualities of others; (2) A Backbone that is strong and supportive, yet flexible; (3) Muscles that provide energy, perseverance, and health; (4) Hands to help others and to write out your goals; (5) Shoulders that can carry the burden of responsibility; (6) A Brain that possesses limitless creativity and potential; (7) Eyes that can visualize goals and possibilities; (8) Ears that listen to your conscience and to new ideas; (9) A Mouth that vocalizes thoughts and gives compliments; (10) Feet that carry you on the road to success.

Carl Mays supports his anatomical comparisons with examples and stories of successful leaders in business, sports, family, and life.

According to Mays, "The real challenge and the real reward is to take who you are and what you are capable of doing, and create the means to achieve your dreams."


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