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Introduction to Mass Communication : Media Literacy and Culture, Updated Media Enhanced Edition by Baran, Stanley J.
ISBN 10: 0071287590    ISBN 13: 9780071287593 This text emphasizes that media ..
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Journalism & Electronic Media By Bansal
Details of Book: Journalism & Electronic Media ..
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Mass Communication And Its Digital Transformation by Ramanujam
Publisher:APH Publishing Corporation, 2009   ISBN:8131300390 The media of mass comm..
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Media and Journalism by J K Singh
ISBN: 8131300625   Publishing Date: 2008  Publisher: Aph Publishing House A Pr..
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Media And Public Relations by J K Singh
ISBN:8131300641  Publishing Date:2008   Publisher:APH Publishing Corporation T..
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Multimedia Journalism by R C Ramanujam
ISBN: 8131300382   Publishing Date: 2008  Publisher: Aph Publishing House The ..
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Text Book Of Mass Communication by J K Singh
ISBN:8131300633  Publishing Date: 2009     Publisher:APH Publishing Corp..
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