Are You Normal about Money?: Do You Behave Like Everyone Else? by Bernice Kanner

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Publisher: Bloomberg Press; 1 edition (October 2001)    ISBN: 0739420895

Marketing diva Bernice Kanner has statistics that show how we just might be! Drawing on exclusive surveys and her superb industry sources on Madison Avenue, Kanner exposes our most furtive desires, wacky habits, and undiscovered attitudes toward the stuff we buy with—moolah.

    What would we do with more money than we know what to do with? Although 56 percent say we'd use it to reduce stress, 42 percent claim we’d stay at our jobs. Go figure.
    If we take out our wallets, are our bills in order, by denomination? In 72 percent of our wallets, they are.
    If we scored $10 million, 27 percent of us wouldn't give a dime to charity. And for $10 million, a quarter of us would abandon all our friends.
    For $10,000, would we shave our heads? Well, 59 percent would do it in a heartbeat.
    More than half of all college students and recent grads expect to be millionaires by the time they reach 40.

How much wealth is enough? How far would we go if the price was right? Do we buy our pets holiday gifts? See how our behavior compares to others. When it comes to money, are we normal?

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