Senses by Anna Sandeman

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Reading level: Ages 4 and up   Publisher: Copper Beech (October 15, 2002)  ISBN-10: 0761318763  ISBN-13: 978-0761318767
One in a series for young readers which shows how the body works. The subject is dealt with in a humorous way, with an "artwork in photography" technique which makes the body's internal features instantly understandable to the young reader. There are also practical projects and activities.
Grade 2-4-Two attractive, straightforward presentations. Each title is filled with good-quality, full-color photographs and drawings and accompanied by a brief, conversational text. Facts are presented simply, with concepts often described in a familiar context. Each topic is covered in a double-page spread, half to three quarters of which is comprised of an illustration, often of children demonstrating an activity or concept. "Did you know" trivia concludes each book. Terms are defined within the texts, but are not highlighted. Eating outlines the journey of food from intake to elimination. On occasion, readers must turn the book sideways to read, as the digestive path is shown across both pages. Healthy eating is discussed, along with a short section on the role of water in the body. One false note occurs when regurgitation is described as the result of eating "food with a lot of germs in it." Steve Parker's Eating a Meal (Watts, 1991) is similar in scope, but for a slightly older audiences. Senses examines and compares human senses to those of animals. The text is basic and predictable. There is nothing new here, other than the suggestion to dry the tongue, then place a sugar cube on it and time how long it takes to taste it, demonstrating the role of saliva in taste. In all, Sandeman's books are solid supplements.?

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