Be Patient, God Isn't Finished with Me Yet!: Teen Edition by Vicki J. Kuyper

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Reading level: Ages 13 and up     Publisher: Honor Books (September 2003)   ISBN-10: 1562929135  ISBN-13: 978-1562929138

You are an AWESOME MASTERPIECE in process...

This book is all about change--the person you used to be; the new person you are becoming; and ultimately, the person God designed you to be. Even with so many life-changing decisions looming ahead, you can move fearlessly into your future. God knows you are a work in progress.

So, it's time you embrace your potential and learn to develop a passion for growth. Remember God is at work! He has great plans for you, and those plans will propel you into a future greater than you can imagine. This inspiring book is filled with captivating stories, powerful encouragement, and motivating challenges in every chapter.

You will learn how to:

    Discover that personal growth is a lifelong process,
    Overcome your mistakes and not be so hard on yourself,
    Recognize God's purpose and hand upon your life,
    Fulfill your dreams while stifling your fears,
    Tap into your God-given potential,
    Never give up on your future and destiny because God won't.

You can move forward with confidence, embracing change and growth--after all, God isn't finished with you yet!


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