Schaum's Outline of Operations Research (2nd Revised edition) by Richard Bronson, Govindasami Naadimuthu

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ISBN: 0070080208  Year of Publication: 2007

Schaum's Outline of Operations Research (2nd Revised edition), Richard Bronson, Govindasami Naadimuthu, This solved problem study guide helps you ace operations research courses! Completely worked problems show you each and every step to hundreds of solutions! Tackling the broad range of allocation problems that actually confront engineers, programmers, and analysts in today's business and industrial worlds - exactly the kind of problems that appear on operations research exams - this complete study guide gives you step-by-step guidance in all the mathematical programming techniques - including the trailblazing Karmarkar algorithm - you need to excel in any operations research course. Using illustrative word problems that reflect typical, real-world situations, this study guide eases you through the variety of mathematical choices and applications used in operations research. Clear, logical explanations and one-step-at-a-time procedures show you how to analyze and solve each type of problem.Step by step, and working at your own pace, you learn to choose and apply the appropriate method. So comprehensive that it can be used as a complete independent study course, this guide is also the perfect complement and reinforcement to any text. Hundreds of supplementary problems give you a chance to practice newly learned techniques. Professionals working in the field will also find this comprehensive study guide useful as a hands-on solutions manual that quickly supplies the variety of techniques needed every day on the job!

The chapters include:

Mathematical Programming; Linear Programming: Basic Concepts; Linear Programming: The Simplex and the Dual Simplex Methods; and Linear Programming: Duality and Sensitivity Analysis; Linear Programming: Extensions, Including the Revised Simplex Method and Karmarkar's Algorithm.The chapters also include: Integer Programming: Branch-and-Bound Algorithm; Integer Programming: Cut algorithms: Inter Programming: The Transportation Algorithm; Integer Programming: Scheduling Models Nonlinear Programming: Single-Variable Optimization; Nonlinear Programming: Single-Variable Optimization; Nonlinear Programming: Multivariable Optimization with Constraints; Network Analysis; Project Planning Using PERT/CPM; Inventory Models; Forecasting; Game Theory; Decision Theory; Dynamic Programming - Deterministic and Stochastic; Finite Markov Chains; Markovian Birth-Death Processes; Queuing Systems; M/M/1 Systems; Other Systems with Poisson-Type Input and Exponential-Type Service Times.

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