Better Sex For You by Helen Pensanti M.D.

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Publisher: Creation House (Mar 15 2001)  ISBN-10: 0884196879  ISBN-13: 978-0884196877

Can you help me with my sex drive? I don’t have one.” This is the number one question I receive from thousands of people of every age, race, class and occupation worldwide. Perhaps this doesn’t surprise you—because you are one of these people.

The topic of sexual dysfunction is becoming more and more prevalent in the print and television media. It seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. During the ten years that I have hosted the weekly national television program Doctor to Doctor as well as many Radio Shows reaching millions of viewers in this country and far beyond, I have received countless thousands of individual questions about sexual dysfunction and libido loss. Men as well as women seek understanding and answers. A report in a 1999 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association presented findings showing that 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men have problems with diminished or absent sexual desire.


About the Author

Dr. Helen Pensanti is a licensed medical doctor who had the largest PMS clinic in Southern California. Today she has a popular television show, "Doctor to Doctor"-which is one of the top three shows rated by the amount of mail on TBN. She is also involved in extensive research in the field of natural hormones for menopause, PMS and osteoporosis. A high-energy person, Dr. Pensanti is known for her candid down-to-earth advice, sense of humor and honesty.


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