Dimensional Selling: Using the Breakthrough Q4 Approach to Close More Sales by Victor R. Buzzotta, R. E. Lefton

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A powerful, behavioral-science-based approach to closing sales and building customer loyalty

In today's super-competitive selling environment, trust is often the key to making a sale. But earning your customers' trust and building long-term relationships with them requires a unique set of selling skills based on sound psychological principles. Written by psychologists Victor Buzzotta and Robert Lefton, this book arms you with those skills and much more.

At the core of Dimensional Selling is a proven, behavioral-science-centered approach based on tested research into customer motivation and buying trends. This method uses sophisticated, yet easy-to-learn techniques for evaluating customers and tailoring presentations to their specific behavior patterns, letting you forge strong bonds of trust and loyalty with them. You'll learn how to:

  • Quickly and decisively pinpoint what motivates each buyer
  • Zero in on customer behavior patterns and work more effectively with customers
  • Plan sales calls that optimize your chances of success
  • Adapt your selling strategies on the fly, using the best approach for each situation
  • Get customers to work with you during a sales call
  • Manage problem customers, regardless of their issues

You may not be born with the knack for quickly earning customers' trust--but you can learn it. Dimensional Selling shows you how, for every sales setting and situation.

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