Forgive to Live: How Forgiveness Can Save Your Life by Dr. Dick Tibbits, Steve Halliday

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson; 1 edition (September 5, 2006)  ISBN-10: 1591454700  ISBN-13: 978-1591454700

We either become overwhelmed by life's difficulties or we become strengthened by life's hardest lessons. The difference is found in one's ability to forgive. Dr. Dick Tibbits shows you how forgiveness can effectively reduce your anger, drastically improve your health and put you in charge of your life again, no matter how deep your hurt. Everyone has a grievance story - we've all been hurt or rejected by someone who mattered to us. Too often, that damage leads to negative emotions - such as anger - that lingers for years. Unfortunately, while most of us have been told to forgive, we've never been told how or why to forgive. Dr. Dick Tibbits explains that understanding and practicing forgiveness can literally save your life! How widespread is the problem? According to Dr. Tibbits, There probably isn't a person in the country who hasn't tried to forgive at one time or another and failed. Most people have tried to forgive the offender and forget the pain. But it's still there. Unless the grievance story is revealed and redefined, you will likely face a spiritual crisis, emotional despair and serious health risks. The urgent need for this book is even more apparent when you consider that failing to forgive is a major cause of hypertension. Forgive to Live provides positive, life changing advice that is applicable to everyone with a grievance story. Today, it is a clinically proven fact that anger kills. When you refuse to forgive (or don't know the proper way to forgive) your grievance story produces a complex range of emotions consisting of resentment, bitterness, hatred, hostility, residual anger, and fear - which are experienced after ruminating about a wrong done to you. In this book - drawn from his groundbreaking research and popular Forgive to Live seminars - Tibbits reveals the clinically proven steps and tools every person needs to uncover their grievance story, eliminate the unresolved anger that they can and can't see, and forgive for good. He also delivers self-tests and activities to help readers measure their progress and ultimately enjoy a long and anger-free life. Dr. Tibbits plan in Forgive to Live can help repair hearts, restore health and save lives.

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