Getting Your Way Every Day: Mastering the Lost Art of Pure Persuasion by Alan Axelrod

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Publisher: AMACOM (November 15, 2006)    ISBN-10: 0814473350    ISBN-13: 978-0814473351
Aristotle rarely lost an argument. Neither did Plator or Socrates. These famous thinkers relied on the art of classical rhetoric - pure persuasion at its best - to argue, persuade, and win, every time. "Getting Your Way Every Day" updates this powerful discipline, showing modern readers how to use them in any business or social situation. Revealing practical techniques for building productive and profitable rapport, and transforming arguments from shouting matches into constructive discussions, the book is an enlightening and accessible guide for anyone who wants to get what they want, more often.

"Classical rhetoric is the most powerful system of persuasion, perfected by the likes of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. While the discipline may not sound sexy, its timeless principles really work. Pure persuasion at its best, rhetoric has been long forgotten -- ignored in favor of manipulative tricks masquerading as influence. Getting Your Way Every Day will change that. Author Alan Axelrod offers a new take on the classic strategies -- modernizing them and making them relevant to any business or social situation.


Readers will discover how to:


* argue persuasively and win without alienating opponents

* build productive and profitable rapport

* leverage the power of reason, emotion, and character for a more effective appeal

* transform arguments from shouting matches into constructive discussions


The book teaches readers how to understand their audience and turn that knowledge into a seamless argument that’s guaranteed to work. With real-world anecdotes of the techniques in action, this enlightening and accessible guide reveals how anyone can get what they want."


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