Happily Married for Life: 60 Tips for a Fun Growing Relationship by Larry J. Koenig

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Publisher: Life Journey (June 2006)   ISBN-10: 0781443075   ISBN-13: 978-0781443074

Concrete, do-them-now solutions to sixty common marriage struggles from an author with both experiene and expertise in the field. Marriage can either be a great source of joy or misery in a person's life. So how does one have a relationship marked by joy and not strife? Joy-filled marriages depend on the needs of each person being met. If needs are met, love thrives. If they are not, love wanes. So, how can couples get their needs met on a continual basis? The key is that each spouse must take responsibility for identifying and satisfying each other's needs. Dr. Larry Koenig shows couples how to do just that through 60 short chapters packed with practical tips for dealing with topics that are of most concern to couples. Some of the topics include: conflict resolution, nine ways to express love daily, forgiving, money management, changing harmful communication patterns, hidden expectations, prayer and marriage.


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