Luminous 10KVA Sine Wave Inverter

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The 10KVA Luminous inverter, one of the Jumbo range of Luminous inverters, is now available in Nigeria and will run your home appliances or office equipment. When you want the convenience of an automated power backup equipment and safe power from a sine wave inverter, the Luminous brand of inverter is a safe bet.

With the 10kva Luminous inverter, your air-conditioner, refrigerator/freezer, Plasma TV, water cooler, lighting requirements and other household power supply needs can be comfortably met and over an extended period. And for the office, your servers, office equipment and other power needs will be met. Specialised equipment needs for hospitals, churches, call centres and other services where power outages are least welcome, will also find the 10KVa inverter handy to fill the power gap. Usually, our engineers will help determine the right capacity for your power load.

The 10KVA Luminous inverter requires a 15-battery power bank. Battery cost is not included in the stated product cost. You can view battery information here.

Get the big break from the power shortage that is yet to abate and drive your 24/7 power supply with a power system that incurs no running costs. With Luminous inverters, it's virtually free power supply - no fuel or diesel, no oil change, no frequent generator overhauls. Simply put, you leave a lot of money is your pocket!

The 10KVA Luminous inverter offers the following beneficial features:

  • Reliable digital signal processing technology for the best inverter performance;
  • Smart charge technology for faster charging and extended battery life;
  • Properly regulated battery charging from 150V - 280V;
  • High frequency-based design that offers instantaneous sine wave control and best quality power;
  • Intelligent thermal management that ensures longer life, better performance and greater reliability;
  • Advanced energy flow management for lowest electricity consumption:
  • Audio Alarm - pre-battery low alarm for extra protection to batteries;
  • Audio Alarm - battery low alarm when battery is at low point, to protect batteries;
  • Audio Alarm - overload and short circuit alarms to protect the equipment;
  • Easy Management with digital displays: for mains on, inverter on, smart charging, overload, short circuit trip, battery low trip, battery reverse connection;
  • Reduced Component-Stress for more reliability & longer service life.

Simply put, Luminous is a quality inverter brand for those who want a reliable inverter that will meet their power supply needs, with the least maintenance demands.

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