Luminous 3KVA (3000VA) Inverter -Sine Wave Inverter for Nigeria - Extended Power Backup for Home and Office

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Luminous inverters are trusted to deliver impressive power backup performance, round the clock. When you need a reliable 3kva inverter or any other inverter capacity in Nigeria, there are a few brands you can trust to deliver and Luminous is certainly one of them. Based on advanced inverter technology, Luminous is efficient, durable and relatively trouble-free.

The 3KVA Luminous inverter with meet most home and office power needs, excluding the heavy capacity equipment like air conditioners. Home appliances like Plasma/other TV, fans, lighting, fridge, computers, decoder and other home equipment can be powered by the 3kva Luminous inverter. If not sure that it's the 3kva inverter you need, our engineer will guide you to determine the right capacity for your load.

The 3KVA Luminous inverter offers advanced technology to ensure reliable performance and durability. Here are its features:
Luminous 3KVA inverter delivers fast Change-over time - your equipment will remain on.

  • It's built with surface-mounted technology for reliable and compact design
  • Enjoy faster Charging to get your inverter changed in quick time
  • Offers battery protection for longer battery life
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Circuit breaker to protect your applinces on high loads
  • Advanced Energy Flow Management for lowest electricity consumption.
  • Reduced Component-Stress for more reliability & longer service life.
  • Harmonics Compensated Wave shape for higher appliance life.

When you want a reliable 3KVA sine wave inverter that can be trusted to perform satisfactorily, Luminous is one of the few brands to give serious consideration.

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