Luminous 6KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter (6000VA) for Office or Home Use

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When you need a relatively large inverter capacity, the 6KVA (6000VA) is one to consider. The 6KVA capacity Luminous inverter is one of the quality products in the 6kva capacity range, in the Nigerian market. Luminous is already widely used in Nigeria and offers solid technical support, with the assurance that your Luminous inverter can be kept in good performance condition, for years to come.

Get the 6KVA Luminous inverter and enjoy enough capacity for a power load that can include your TV set(s), fans, fridge and freezer, lighting, and various other appliances at home. In similar vein, various equipment for the office can be powered.  Our technical team will help you evaluate your need and determine the appropriate capacity.

The 6kva or 6000VA Luminous inverter requires a battery bank of 10 (ten) 12V battery units, usually the 200Ah capacity. 

Enjoy similar performance features as you have from other Luminous Jumbo capacity inverters:

  • Reliable digital signal processing technology for the best inverter performance;
  • Smart charge technology for faster charging and extended battery life;
  • Properly regulated battery charging from 150V - 280V;
  • High frequency-based design that offers instantaneous sine wave control and best quality power;
  • Intelligent thermal management that ensures longer life, better performance and greater reliability;
  • Advanced energy flow management for lowest electricity consumption:
  • Audio Alarm - pre-battery low alarm for extra protection to batteries;
  • Audio Alarm - battery low alarm when battery is at low point, to protect batteries;
  • Audio Alarm - overload and short circuit alarms to protect the equipment;
  • Easy Management with digital displays: for mains on, inverter on, smart charging, overload, short circuit trip, battery low trip, battery reverse connection;
  • Reduced Component-Stress for more reliability & longer service life.

Luminous offers value and is a reliable choice for your power backup.

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