Mercury 3KVA 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Suitable for Home and Office Power Backup

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Get the new Mercury MC Series 3KVA/24V pure sine wave inverter, manufactured by Kobian Pte, and designed to be capable of being connected to various loads such as inductive load (air conditioners, refrigerator), motors (vacuum cleaners), and rectifier load (computer). That means more versatility, allowing for more flexibility in deployment. As Kobian says, all its MC series inverters are designed to work with heavy load conditions.

But that's not all that's unique about this new Mercury MC 3024E inverter. The MC 3024E model is a 3kva / 24VDC pure sine wave inverter. That means that it requires just a minimum of two 12V batteries to power it. Most competing brands have this capacity as 48VDC. So, you easily get started on a lower budget, buying only 2 batteries instead of 4. Still, you have the option to increase your battery bank size at a later date, if you so choose. In effect, you can start with 2 and increase to 4, when you are ready. Convenient!

Mercury is one of the reputable inverter brands in our market. Generally well-proced, these products deliver so much value, relative to their cost. The cheaply priced 1.2kva/12V and 2.4kva/24V Mercury inverters are among the most widely used inverters in Nigeria, partly because of their affordability, but also because of the reliability and impressive performance.

With the Mercury brand, you always get a good deals, spending less and getting the top performance and long life you desire!

Mercury MC 3024E 3KVA / 24V Pure Sinewave Inverter

Here are the specifications of the Mercury MC 3024E Radiant inverter:

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