Quit Your Job Often and Get Big Raises! by Gordon Miller

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ISBN 10: 0385495935    ISBN 13: 9780385495936   Publisher: Main Street Books

Is the chance to triple your pay worth more to you than a gold watch or a crystal paperweight? Gordon Miller, the author of this book, increased his salary by more than $100,000 in just five years. But he didn't accomplish this by staying loyal to one company. Rather, he changed jobs nearly every year. He says that you too can vastly improve your salary, earn signing bonuses, and score stock options and a flex-time schedule by following his "Big Raise" strategies.

Included in Quit Your Job Often are:

  • Tips on identifying hot industries and applying your skills to positions in those industries
  • Ways to build your reputation at work and market yourself within your company
  • Recommended Web sites for online job searches
  • Specific moves to help you make an immediate impact on the job--and make sure management notices
  • Advice to help you determine when it's time to move on to another job
While the advice in Quit Your Job Often isn't for everyone's stomach, it's certainly practical in these times of low job security. It'll be inspirational to anyone who's underemployed, has been laid off, or is otherwise in need of some career coaching--or for those who want to pick out their own gold watch.

From the Inside Flap

A real world practical guide to dramatically increase your wages, as told by an average working stiff who quit four jobs in five years and tripled his pay!

The proven, step-by-step approach to strategically changing jobs and exponentially improving your salary and career.

The rules have changed.  Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, re-engineering, outsourcing, massive layoffs, and the global economy have reshaped the job market.  It's no longer enough to work year after year for incremental pay raises in exchange for job security.  Employers today are driven by the bottom line; by and large, company loyalty and commitment have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

To get ahead in today's world you have to manage your career like your finances, by constantly planning ahead for your next job.  Quit Your Job Often and Get Big Raises shows you how to get ahead--and dramatically increase your salary--by changing jobs frequently and leveraging your current position for something better.  It shows you why you should do it, when to do it, and how to do it.

You'll discover:

How to identify the industries with strong future growth
Why the ability to market yourself is crucial--and how to do it
When you should begin looking for your next job
How to hit the ground running when you do change jobs
And much, much more!

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