Reaching Teens in Their Natural Habitat: A Field Guide for Savvy Parents by Danny Holland

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Publisher: WaterBrook Press (August 15, 2006)  ISBN-10: 1400072026   ISBN-13: 978-1400072026

Crucial Insider Knowledge for Connecting and Communicating with Teens

With their incomprehensible lingo, often-bizarre fashion fixations, technological plug-ins, and ever-changing moods, teenagers can seem like an entirely different species. Connecting with them on meaningful levels–let alone actually influencing them–seems beyond the realm of possibility.

What do advertisers and entertainers who grab the attention of teenagers know that you don’t? And how can you counteract their influence in your child’s life?

Danny Holland, an expert on youth culture, peers into the world of America’s kids–and offers proven advice on how parents can adopt the tools of the experts. You’ll discover…

·how today’s teenagers think, including their values, priorities, and primary influences
·the communication pattern that speaks most persuasively to teens
·the most effective way to improve your relationship with your teen
·how to determine which battles absolutely must be won
·and many other eye-opening insights

With “insider knowledge,” you’ll be equipped and empowered with real-world techniques to successfully connect and communicate with your teenager, bridging the gap to build a relationship of lasting influence.


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