Safely Prosperous or Really Rich: Choosing Your Personal Financial Heaven by Howard Ruff

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Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (April 27, 2004)     ISBN: 0471652830

According to financial publisher and bestselling author Howard Ruff, there are two distinctly different and equally desirable financial Heavens, and a distinct and different route to get to each one. The choice is yours. One destination is Safely Prosperous and the other is Really Rich.

Safely Prosperous or Really Rich? examines both of these strategies, and carefully guides you down whichever path you decide to take. The first part of this book–The Safe Road to Prosperity–is for those of you who want to live comfortably with no risk or financial worries and a secure future, even after retirement. You’ll be introduced to the ten most important, and near-universal, mistakes that people make that abort their prosperity, including the common and costly investment mistakes that can often destroy years of financial discipline and savings. By following this route, you’ll discover how to become debt free, while accumulating a bit more money than you really need.

In the second part of the book–The Secrets of the Really Rich–you’ll be introduced to the most important things rich people have always done (and continue to do) to get rich. This section will teach you how to make the leap from the Safely Prosperous to the Really Rich. Ruff reveals that it’s not just how much money the really rich have or how smart they are, it’s their attitude toward risk and fear, their understanding of when to break the rules that the Safely Prosperous follow, and their knowledge of a few simple capitalistic principles that allows them to accumulate serious wealth. By following this route, you’ll not only learn how to get rich, you’ll discover how to stay rich.

Safely Prosperous or Really Rich? is a unique book that allows you to choose your financial destination when making decisions about your money and your life. Depending on which path you choose to take, prosperity or real wealth is well within your reach, and with Safely Prosperous or Really Rich? as your guide, you can make this happen faster than you could ever imagine.

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