Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams: The 15 Power Secrets of the World's Most Successful People by Steven K. Scott

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Publication Date: April 28, 1999

Here are the keys to turnings all your dreams into reality.

Whether your dreams are to start a business, lose twenty pounds, or build better relationships, they are all within your grasp. The keys are in the "Power Secrets," a set of specific strategies and techniques that enabled Steve Scott to fulfill his impossible dreams, not only in business, but in every other area of life. Along the way, he discovered that the world's most successful women and men -- such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Gates -- use these same techniques, including:

    * Overcoming a fear of failure
    * Turning critics from foes into friends
    * Gaining a clear and precise vision
    * Recruiting the partners and mentors of your dreams
    * Communicating effectively and persuasively
    * Taking control of your life one minute at a time
    * Igniting the fuel of passion

With stories, advice, and plenty of interactive material to help you create your own personal plan, Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams doesn't just motivate you to fulfill your dreams, it gives you the step-by-step directions to do it!


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