The Feiner Points of Leadership: The 50 Basic Laws That Will Make People Want to Perform Better for You by Michael Feiner

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Publisher: Warner Business Books (June 14, 2004) ISBN: 0446695750

Management expert Michael Feiner's candid leadership guide cuts through rhetoric and theory and gives managers and executives a 'hands-on' approach to dealing with problems in business. As the former chief people officer at PepsiCo, and now a management professor at the Columbia University School of Business, Feiner shares his solutions from his years of handling unexpected crises,meditating between warring corporate factions, and taking care of all the 'people problems' that pop up on a routine basis in companies all over the world. Feiner's approach is based on common sense and practicality, and his book is full of examples that managers everywhere will identify with and relate to. Along the way, Feiner doles out his 'laws' of how those in supervisory roles can resolve these vexing situations. Instructive and entertaining, THEFEINERPOINTSOFLEADERSHIP will be mandatory reading for anyone in a managerial position.

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