The Red-Letter Questions by Don Harris

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Publisher: Bridge-Logos Publishers (October 1, 2007)  ISBN-10: 0882703323  ISBN-13: 978-0882703329
The Red-Letter Questions describes the progression of insights and revelation given to Don Harris during the journey that changed his life forever. These are heartfelt thoughts of a man who, through traditional misnterpretation of Scripture, inadvertently disobeyed the God he claimed to love and serve. The traditions of men and false assumptions had become a part of Don's everyday life (just as they may be in ours). Discovering the truth behind these poignant red-letter questions set him free and it will set you free as well. The Red-Letter Questions is a fresh look at the recorded questions asked by the Messiah during His ministry on earth. Let the questions transport you to the feet of the Messiah. Open your ears and your heart to hear His questions anew and find your own answers--answers that will cleanse and change you forever.


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