Thriving in 24/7: Six Strategies for Taming the New World of Work by Sally Helgesen

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ISBN 10: 0684873036   ISBN 13: 9780684873039  Publisher: Free Pr,2001

Thriving in 24/7 is a guide to navigating a new world of work in which all the rules have changed.

In the 24/7 world, home can seem like a branch office. E-mail beckons at 3 A.M.; we work not nine-to-five but across multiple time zones; beeper messages interrupt private moments. Whether we're planning a vacation, choosing health insurance, or buying a car, we are flooded with so many options that our personal lives feel like second jobs. Even the pleasures that should refresh us -- Thanksgiving dinner or lunch with a close friend -- too often seem like tasks on an infinite to-do list. How, asks Sally Helgesen, do we keep from being swallowed up by a world that is fundamentally out of sync with human nature?

Helgesen, a premier thinker on the role of work in the knowledge economy, offers readers six powerful strategies for achieving and maintaining equilibrium in this new world. Drawing upon dozens of interviews with men and women adept at navigating life in 24/7, she urges us to:

START AT THE CORE: We can move more nimbly in a complex world if we confront personal history, locate our inner voice, get comfortable in the neutral zone, and take inventory on a regular basis.

LEARN TO ZIGZAG: We can master the art of improvisation if we learn from the youngest generation, think in terms of gigs, plan to keep learning all our lives, rework our definitions of loyalty, and internalize optimism.

CREATE OUR OWN WORK: We can do this (even if we stay in our present jobs) by articulating our value, integrating our passions, identifying our market, running our own shop, and targeting multiple centers of gravity.

WEAVE A STRONG WEB OF INCLUSION: We can build the support we need if we learn to go deep fast, understand the strength of weak ties, grab the spotlight, and master the simple art of looking people up.

BUILD A CLEAR BRAND: We can brand ourselves unforgettably by becoming highly conscious of our practice, our materials, our design, and the symbols that we use.

PRACTICE THE RHYTHM OF RENEWAL: We can find true refreshment if we learn to connect with timeless rhythms, identify the true sources of our joy, practice mindfulness, and cultivate the elements of Slow.

Writing with simple eloquence and piercing intelligence, Sally Helgesen shows us that bucking up or burning out aren't the only choices if we want to get ahead. This indispensable handbook offers an imaginative, sometimes radical, blueprint for achieving balance in an unbalanced world.


Sally Helgesen has done a remarkable job of illuminating the ways the workplace has infringed upon our lives. She uses the pop-speak phrase 24/7 to symbolize the transformation of our sense of time through technology and the blurring of boundaries between work and home. Helgesen
details changes including the shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy; the technology that has spawned a sleepless business culture; the leaner organizations with longer job descriptions; and the domestic drama of overscheduled children and overmanaged health care and finances. The result, warns Helgesen, is not that time is getting away from us, or that work intrudes upon leisure, but that We have forfeited ways of being that are fundamental to us as humans.

Yet Helgesen doesn't simply describe the challenges to our public and private lives. She also offers six smart strategies for pursuing what she calls elegance and simplicity in all our decisions and taking advantage--or resisting--what technology has wrought. Her ideas include a new approach to networking through building a web of inclusion, learning to zigzag by charting an individual path of development, and building a personal brand that expresses core values. Helgesen's artful balance of observations and suggestions creates a insightful and practical guide in a rock-around-the-clock world. --Barbara Mackoff

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