Visual Basic .NET for Windows by Harold Davis

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May 24, 2003 03211808871

Visual Basic .NET for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide provides the key to unlocking the power of the .NET Framework. Using task-based instruction and plenty of visual aids, veteran author Harold Davis provides you with all the information you need to start creating componentized, reusable code and building Web services with VB .NET. Unlike other books available on the topic, which treat VB .NET more like the next version of Visual Basic, this book emphasizes the totally new object-oriented programming paradigm of .NET. It begins by introducing you to the Visual Studio development environment and demonstrating how to create a Web service, then moves on to working with classes and using Windows forms. As your knowledge grows, the tasks become more complex, and by the end of the book you¿ll have learned how to create controls that accept user input, write code that responds to events, work with XML, use the Object Browser, create ASP.NET Web applications, and more.


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