What Guys See That Girls Don't by Sharon Daugherty

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Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers; 1 edition (August 1, 2006)  ISBN-10: 0768423686  ISBN-13: 978-0768423686
The main themes of this teaching book are modesty and purity. It is addressed primarily to Christian girls (adolescents) and women. The central focus is upon ways of dress and behavior, and the author shows how a female's deportment affects man and boys. She stresses the importance of dressing and behaving in ways that will not arouse the sexual lusts of males. In doing so, she discusses the masculine propensity for visual lust and contrasts this with what she calls a female's "lust to be lusted after," which the author explains as being the reason why young women may choose to dress in provocative and immodest ways. Daugherty gives numerous examples from the Scriptures and the life experiences of herself and others to fortify her main points.

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