Women for Hire: The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job by Tory Johnson; Robyn Freedman Spizman; Lindsey Pollak

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ISBN 10: 0399528105   ISBN 13: 9780399528101 Publisher: Perigee, 2002

From the Women For Hire organization, this is a make-it-happen-now job guide. Women For Hire produces successful, high caliber national career fairs partnering the country's leading employers in all fields with thousands of smart, qualified, and diverse women. Now, in this book, readers will get the straight-arrow advice they need to get a job. Women For Hire identifies specific ways for job-seekers to maximize their search efforts and secure a great new job. Readers will learn:

€ Networking Necessities for the Shy to the Gutsy
€ The Truth About Job Functions
€ Real Answers to Resume Dilemmas
€ Smart Interview Strategies
€ One-Minute Mess-Ups to Avoid at All Costs
€ Tips on Negotiating Salary and Benefits
€ Overcoming Obstacles Faced by Women Job Seekers
€ How to Keep Your Job Once You Land It

Plus: interactive exercises, resource lists, and real-life anecdotes

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