101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers: How to Keep Your Customers and Attract New Ones by Andrew Griffiths

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Publisher: Allen & Unwin, 2002          ISBN    1865087440, 9781865087443

PRACTICAL TIPS FOR EXCEEDING YOUR CUSTOMERS' EXPECTATIONSModern consumers are more demanding and more informed than ever before. They are aware that they have choices and that there is considerable competition for their business. Costs can only go so low, so there is a limit to reducing prices as a competitive tool. This leaves one area for modern businesses to outshine their competitors, and that is customer service.Small businesses have the greatest potential to offer extremely high levels of customer service, due to their direct contact with customers. Unfortunately, very few people fully realise the power of customer service and what it can do for their business. Put simply, customer service is about exceeding your customers' expectations. Do that and you are well on the way to success and profitability. 101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers provides a greater insight into understanding and identifying what customers expect, and details simple suggestions that will enable all businesses to exceed these expectations and reap the rewards. INCLUDES 20 BONUS TIPS THAT WILL REALLY IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS

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