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The 185 watt solar panels professionally made from 72 high efficiency mono crystalline solar cells are ideal for grid tied solar power generation. This is the main bread and butter solar panel from our UL approved on-grid series of solar panels that represents the best on-grid price / performance on the market. These panels are UL approved appear on the California Energy Commission (CEC) list, and they qualify for the rebates from the federal government credits and many other local government's solar inventive programs. There is a minimum purchase of 2 or these panels per order, due to its packaging.

The following are the key technical data of the solar panel, with a +-5% variance;

Peak power: 185 watts
Peak power voltage: 36.0 V
Peak power current: 5.15 A
Open circuit Voltage: 44.8 V
Short circuit current: 5.50 A
Maximum system voltage: 600 V

Solar Panel Features:

* Made of high efficiency 125mm x 125 mm mono crystalline solar cells.
* UL approved Multicontact MC junction box rated at IP65.
* 3 bypass diodes minimize damage from hot spots from defective cells and shading.
* 36 inch long cables with male and female connectors for easy connections with other solar panels.
* anti-reflective coating provides uniform blue color and increases absorption of light in all weather conditions.
* High quality ultra white low iron solar glass for minimal light maximum light transmission.
* Solar glass is temped to harden against hail assault.
* Industrial strength double EVA encapsulation with TPT multilayer backsheet for the best protection against water, moisture, UV, and oxidation.
* Ultra sturdy extruded aluminum frame provides structural strength and holes drilled at the right places for easy mounting, and drain holes to minimize water build up behind solar panels.

Dimension of each solar panel: 32"x 62" x 1 3/4"

Weight: Each panel's net weight is about 16 kg, or 35.2 lbs.

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