Genius 800VA Power Inverter

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  • DSP- based
  • Good waveform
  • SMT technology
  • Auto- sense intelligent control
  • Automatic battery-condition sense charger
  • Reverse battery, battery fuse blown
  • Over-load/short-circuit indication
  • High crest factor and hence high surge sustaining capacity


Calculating the battery capacity

The battery capacity determines the back-up hours. It is primarily defined in ampere hours (Ah) and selected on the basis of backup requirements of an individual. The more the Ah, the longer the backup. The number of plates and the total battery-plate surface area of the cells determine the length of backup. A 180Ah normal battery has 25 plates, while a 180Ah normal tubular battery has only 13 plates but greater plate area.

A standard battery provides three hours of backup time at full load and six hours at half load. You can increase the backup duration by installing a higher-capacity battery or adding extra batteries in parallel.


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