A Textbook Of Environmental Science by Arvind Kumar

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Publisher: APH Publishing, 2004  ISBN:817648590X

Man's Capability to transform his environment can bring the benefits of economic development and an opportunity to enhance the quality of life. But this same power, incorrectly applited, can cause in calculabel harm to the natural environement and consequently to human life. Man ins earlier times, belived in 'nature-nurture' concept. However durign the past fifty yeatrs, relationships betwen man and environment ahs changed considerably. Thus, Environmental Science today has emerged as an exciting subject. Clean air, clean water and suitable climate for agriculture ahs made us feel concerned about vital environement issues. The Importance of preserving the earth's environment and its biological diversity was amply duly focused at teh meeting of the `Earth Summit' held in June 1992 at Rio de Jeneiro in Brazil. Virtually all religions have much to say about relatinship between mankind and the earth. In the Atharva Veda the Prayers of peace emphasize the links between mankind and all creation: " Supreme Lord, let there be peace in the plant world and in the forests; let in the cosmic powers be peaceful, let there be undiluted and fulfiling peace everywhere".

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