Time-Saver Standards for Building Types by Joseph Dechiara, Michael J. Crosbie

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September 2001 0071202412 4th Revised edition
The only comprehensive architectural reference for buildings of all types, this new edition of "Time-Saver Standards for Building Types" offers easily referenced technical guidelines, criteria, standards, and specifications to make the preliminary and planning work of designers and builders go more quickly and smoothly. The classic architectural data resource for all building types, now up to date for a new century, with 1500 illustrations. This updated and revised "Time-Saver Standards for Building Types" is a "first reference" and primary source of guidance for design and material selection. It lists in easily accessible format the key criteria that every architect and builder must consider in designing, specifying, and constructing buildings - data needed to prepare preliminary designs, execute programming requirements, and analyze the functions and uses of any building.This volume is the only comprehensive reference covering all building types. The Fourth Edition features key data on topical issues such as rehabilitation, change-of-use, preservation, accessibility, and energy conservation and other environmental concerns.A new graphic design with new illustrations makes this source more helpful than ever to use. "Time-Saver Standards for Building Types" provides a comprehensive overview of a range of building structures.An invaluable guide for review of technical data, it is equally appropriate for use in continuing education courses, in preparation for professional licensing exams, and in schools of architecture. "Time-Saver Standards for Building Types" covers: Airports; Assisted Living; Facilities; Colleges; Convention Centers; Courthouses; Day Care Centers; Embassies; Entertainment Complexes; Firehouses; Funeral Homes; Health Clubs; Home Offices; Hospitals; Hotels; Institutions; International Facilities; Jails; Libraries; Manufactured Homes; Multi-Unit Dwellings; Municipal Buildings; Office Buildings; Places of Worship; Police Stations; Primary Care Centers; Prisons; Residences; Restaurants; Schools; Service Stations; Shopping Centers; Sports Facilities; and, Stores Theaters.


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