Good Manners for Every Occasion by Barnes, Emilie

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ISBN-13: 9780736922555   ISBN: 0736922555   Publisher: Harvest House Publishers, 2008

While adults prompt young ones to practice their manners, many grown'ups are ready for a refresher course. Their manner expert is here! Emilie Barnes, bestselling author of "A Little Book of Manners" and life'management expert, is excited to share how manners strengthen adult relationships, professional interactions, social gatherings, and family ties. Not a day goes by that won't be enhanced by Emilie's advice on the art of introductions practicing corporate manners handling social taboos dining graciously as a host or a guest sharing values with children Includes wedding etiquette, dating manners, and that increasingly vital one'proper cell phone use! This entertaining, easy'to'read manual of manners reveals how acts of kindness transform a life at any age.

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