Teaching of Mathematics: Modern Methods by T. Swarupa Rani

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Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation, 2007.     ISBN: 9788131300800

The book is the result of an ardent experimentation and Research of The Author in making the problem solving in Mathematics more effective and enjoyable. Problem solving is not just a Mathematical activity. The Teaching of mathematics should develop in the Children gerneralisable problem solving abilities for application in their life?s problems later on. The book presents different strategies of solving problems highlighting the desirable effect on the thinking patterns of the students. Mere Synthetic and informative presentation of problems well only lead to Mechanical rote Memory denying the children the thrill and the Ecstasy of analysis, classification, application, and verification of the processes. The book equates the solving of problem by children to an independent and original research activity. The work will be extremely useful to teacher-educators and student-teachers of mathmatics

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