Chemistry: Principle and Reaction

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This review is from: Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, Third Edition (Hardcover)

At first glance, this book looks too abstract, geared more towards high school students. Upon closer examination, I found that the book is extremely well-organized and written in the most concise way possible without losing the essence of the subject.

Only other chemistry book that I think is comparable in quality is "Chemistry 2nd ed" by McMurry. However, if you compare side by side, you will see that the exact same materials are generally discussed in much more concise form with no wordy explanations in Masterton's writing.

I think the book received some negative comments from other reviewers because it appears over simplified; however, I think all the important materials are covered extremely well at college-level. If you believe in efficiency, definitely use this book. However, if you want to look/feel sophisticated, scholarly or pretentious, there's a lot of wordy books out there.

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