Business with a Purpose: Starting, building, managing and protecting your new business by Darrell Griffin

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August 27, 2010
Business with a Purpose is the book for you if you want to start and succeed in your own business, especially during stormy economic times. It gives you the tools to start, manage, grow and protect your new business. Business with a Purpose is actually two volumes in one. Volume 1 is "Starting and Operating Your New Business." Volume 2 is "Building Your New Business and Keeping Track of It."

Business with a Purpose goes beyond the typical "how-to" guide or "God wants you to be in business and be successful" theme. It helps you, as an aspiring entrepreneur, to do a self evaluation and then helps you hone your creativity and shows you how to use it strategically in business. The overall theme of Business with a Purpose is to build on the three T's (time, talent and treasures) that God gave you through creativity, good management, and minimizing risk. There are a number of guerilla business building techniques explored that will add to your business building and management tool box.


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