Casting Your Care By George Adegboye

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We live in a world of immensely linked chain of dependence, where it seems the existence and survival of one is dependent upon another. Man cannot by himself sustain himself from birth; he has to depend not only on other men but other varied factors for help and sustenance. Be that as it may, because certain things can still not be supplied by men or other factors, the deepest need of man is still left unmet. Man’s deepest longing is for love, care, affinity peace and a life of bliss. Going by the situation in our world today, it is apparent that these needs can never be fully met in man. The richest of men still have their troubles, so also the poor man.
To whom then shall we depend? Who shall be our help? Who can truly love us and give us purpose? Who can help lift our burden? Who can we share our longings and desires with? Who can meet our needs? These are some of the questions that have belaboured men of all ages. In a world of selfish ambition; egocentric behaviour, and a maddening pursuit after wealth, one cannot but find some sense in a phrase describing the business environment: ‘Every man for himself…’ Truly, we live in such a world. We have been left with the indispensable truth that we all are for ourselves, but God is for every believer because He is a wonderful doting father and lover.

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