Classroom Teaching: Methods and Practice by A.K. Nayak, V.K. Rao

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Publisher: APH Publishing      ISBN: 817648489X, 9788176484893

The primary purpose of schooling, which is only one of the institutional influences in a person'e education, is to assist the individual to better develop his or her full poteential as well as to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills to interact with the environment in a successful manner. The educational expansion, universalisation of elementary education, vocationalisation of secondary education, higher and professional education and overall quality of education are major challenges before the Advances in the fields of curriculum, audiovisual aids, telecommunication, etc., demand updating and orientation of teachers. Innovations both at the macro and micro levels, would fail if teachers are not equipped and properly oriented to implement them. This book discusses the methods and practices of classroom teaching, necessary to establish a suitable school environment that promotes learning in children. It includes various aspects such as creating an attractive school and conductive classroom arrangement, display of childrens' work, developing rules and routines, cultivating a personal relaionship with children and so on.

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