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Su-Kam 12V, 7AH SMF Battery

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This battery is fully sealed, it is safe and maintenance free, emit no fumes, the charging time of this battery is much less compared to an ordinary battery, for all types of cars, bikes & heavy vehicles
It is safe to handle, and can be installed in any application, long service life between 3-5 years, ready to use and has the ability for repeated use application.
Advanced tubular batteries designed to suit your equipment
Superior active material for excellent deep discharge capability
Angular Ribbed - Poly Ethylene Separator design with low electrical resistance and high porosity for better performance
Ceramic flame arrestor prevents electrical sparks to go in and therefore ensures highest degree of safety for all domestic and office usage
Micro porous aqua trap vent plug to ensure minimum acid fumes which ensures low maintenance of batteries
Advanced paste provides long shelf life, reduces water loss and results in minimum maintenance
Heavy duty spines for excellent cyclic life and deep discharges
Reliable battery even in high temperature applications
Provides excellent cyclic life with deep cycle discharges
Batteries acceptability to sustains even high rate discharges on heavy loads

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