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MATLAB integrates mathematical computing, visualization, and a powerful language to provide a flexible environment for technical computing. The open architecture makes it easy to use MATLAB and its companion products to explore data, create algorithms, and create custom tools that provide early insights and competitive advantages.

MATLAB is an interactive, high-performance numeric computational software system. The name stands for matrix laboratory, and the matrix is the basic unit of computation. Matrices are easily entered and do not require dimensioning. MATLAB allows intuitive manipulation of matrix rows, columns, individual elements and submatrices. The language allows for the usual set of matrix operations and functions (inverses, LU decompositions, determinants, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, rank, and singular value decompositions). These functions can be augmented by user-created macros called M-files. A rich set of M-files is included. The system is open in that the source code for these files can be copied and customized to create new M-files that extend the operations to better meet the user's needs. A new M-file debugging facility has been added which allows the user to single step through a file and examine variables. All M-files share a common environment and can be used together seamlessly.

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