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LG Ceiling and Convertible Air Conditioner 2 HP

Product Code: LG Convertible
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KEY Features

    Plasma Air Purifying System   YES
    Jet Cool  YES
    Central Controller  YES
    Optimal Air Distribution  YES
    Switching Mode Power Supply   YES
    2HP  YES

Equipped with a three-phase DC inverter, this LG indoor universal ceiling cassette is capable of evenly cooling or heating a multitude of commercial environments such as restaurants, hotels, offices and meeting rooms. This eliminates the need to get many split systems since one high power, efficient and reliable AC can be utilised intead. It also automatically adjusts the unit to low power to maintain room temperature rather than require the compressor to repeatedly start and stop. Furthermore, the superb design of this convertible air conditioners gives the flexibility to be easily mounted on the floor, or suspended from the ceiling. The horizontal airflow direction is easily adjustable

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