Environment Measurement : Concept and Approach by Neelima Rajvaidya and Dilip Kumar Markandey

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Publisher: A.P.H, 2005    ISBN : 8176487910

"Our environment is an open and dynamic system. It is important that we, within this environment, function within a continued atmosphere of openness and sharing with our fellow nations and fellow relationship can be restored and we may be able to nurture environmental ethics in our modern culture and accordingly able to keep ecologically balanced environment and maintain environmental purity.

Human waste, which is mostly of organic in nature, is degraded by microorganisms, which they are released in the environment. The detrimental effects of these released organic matter if the creation of an aerobicity or upsetting of natural ecology of healthy stream or soil.

Wastewater treatment processes are designed to alleviate the undue stress on natural bodies of water which serve essentially as reservoirs and to some degree, as sites of purification for wastes. It is unequivocally accepted that biological treatment methods are most varstile, efficient and cost effective.

Biological processes for wastewater treatment has been in use for decades now. The conventional activated sludge process, rotating biological contactor, trickling filters, fluidized bed reactors etc. are an excellent example of biological wastewater treatment process. It is accomplished by a wide variety of microorganisms, which are found in the biosphere. These includes bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae, protozoa etc.

The primary objective of the present book is to highlight the treatment systems with respect to various operational parameters with due emphasis on microbiological ecology, microbiology of the system etc."

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