Fishery Management by Rekha R Gaonkar; Maria D C Rodrigues and R B Patil

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Publisher:  APH, 2008    ISBN : 9788131303207

"The book addresses the main issues confronting the fishery sector. The fishing industry has experienced many structural changes due to the introduction of new technology. These structural changes have, no doubt, brought many positive results, like efficient and effective exploitation of marine resources, increase in production, increase in foreign exchange earnings, protein rich food, etc. However, these changes have brought many problems in their wake. The accumulation of capital in the hands of few, over exploitation of marine resources, depletion of precious marine resources, replacement of old patterns of relations with individualistic and competition patterns, conflict between the traditional and mechanized fisher folk. In view of these problems, sound fishery management has assumed unprecedented significance. The present book deals with this and other related significant issues."

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