He Gave Gifts Unto Men: A Biblical Perspective Of Apostles, Prophets and Pastors by Kenneth E. Hagin

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This is a must-have to understand five-fold ministry in the eyes of Jesus: Hagin based this book mostly on the visions he received from Jesus in which the Lord taught about the five-fold ministry. (Another Hagin must-read is "I believe in visions"!)

I have a much clear perspective on the offices (and designation) of apostle, prophet, and pastors in present days.

And more than anything else, whatever callings we might have, it must be based on the Word. I feel this is the most profound lesson I have learned by reading this great book.

There is also a story about the warning to Bro. Branham, if you know who he was.

Another Hagin book, "The Ministry Gifts: Thirteen Lessons (Spiritual Growth Series)", lists all the supporting verses in each category. I have found it quite useful.

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