Jobs Rated Almanac by Les Krantz

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What's most important to you in a job--high pay, great benefits, long-term security, a pleasant work environment? Or maybe you're the type who thrives on travel or adventure? Whatever you're looking for, this is the book what will help you find it. Jobs Rated Almanac describes and rates hundreds of jobs from Actuary to Civil Engineer to Zoologist--according to the criteria that matters to you, including:
-Salary: entry level, average, median, and advanced income earning potential
-Stress: from competitiveness levels to immutable deadlines
-Work environment: average weekly hours, job hazards, outdoors vs. indoors, working conditions
-Outlook: promotion levels, seasonality, employment growth/decline, and unemployment rates
-Security: occupational growth, unionization
-Physical demands: type and degree of physical activity, stamina required, and overtime
-and more

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