Mercury 2.4kVA Digital Home Inverter Series

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The Radiant 2000 inverter is a 2kva 24v unit, meaning that it requires two 12v batteries, ideally up to 200Ah for sufficient backup capacity. The 2kva (2000va) Mercury inverter is good for running TVs, stereos, desktop or laptop computers and other home appliances. Here are some of the important performance features of the Radiant 2000 inverter to deliver high value to you:

  • Compact, sleek and light weight design
  • Super efficient, DC to AC conversion, minimizing charging losses
  • Input voltage range selection option
  • Fully automatic restart operation
  • Provides critical overload protection
  • Eco-friendly & non-polluting (Green Device)
  • Advanced technology optimizes battery life
  • Off-mode charging design

The Mercury inverter comes with 1-year warranty. And with a fully-equipped maintenance center - the Kobian Support Center - in Lagos, you are sure of effective maintenance, should any unexpected problem develop. In effect, you can be sure of continuing to use your inverter for years to come.

You can effectively say 'no' to power blackout with this inverter you can afford. The Mercury Radiant 2000 inverter opens your life to that possibility of 24hour power availability which has remained a dream.

Here are the technical specs:

PRODUCT Radiant Series 2KVA Sine Wave Inverter by Mercury
CAPACITY 2000VA / 1200W
AC INPUT Nominal Voltage: 220/230/240VAC
Input Voltage Range: 90 ~ 280VAC
Nominal Frequency: 50/60Hz (Auto Detection)
Input Voltage Narrow: 170 ~ 280 Vac
Range Selector Wide: 90 ~ 280 Vac
Inverter Mode Output Voltage: 230VAC +10/-18%
Frequency: 50/60Hz ±0.5Hz
Waveform: Modified Sine-wave
Efficiency (AC to AC): > 95%
Efficiency (DC to AC): > 80%
BATTERY Nominal Voltage: 24V DC
CHARGER Charging Voltage: 27.4+/-0.4V
Charging Current: 10A max.
Overcharging Protection: 32V+/-0.8V
TRANSFER Transfer Time: Typical 15-20ms, 40ms max
INDICATOR Line Mode: Green LED blinks or lights steadily
Battery Mode: Yellow LED lights
Overload/fault: Red LED blinks or lights steadily
LED indicators RED LED: Blinking every 0.5 seconds
- Inverter is Overloading
Continous ON when some fault detected internally

YELLOW LED: Indicating Battery Backup

GREEN LED: Blinking every 2seconds in charging mode, ON in AC Mode
AUDIBLE ALARM Low Battery Voltage in Battery Mode: Beeps every 2 seconds
Overload: Beeps every 0.5 second
Fault: Beeps continuously
ENVIRONMENT Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
PHYSICAL Dimension (mm) DXWXH: 255x80x224
Net Weight (Kg): 2.5Kg
PROTECTIONS Deep Discharge, Overcharge, Short Circuit, Overload, Battery Short, Over Voltage, Under Voltage.


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