Money Trouble: Beat the Emotional Games That Sabotage Your Finances by Thomas C. Manheim

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Publisher: Adams Media, 2004   ISBN: 1593370954

Money is an emotionally charged topic--it drives our choice of vocation, many of our relationships, and our attitude toward life. Given that, it's understandable that many people have issues when it comes to their relationship with money. Expert author Thomas C. Manheim asserts that if people are chronically in debt, have an obsessive need to pinch pennies, or use money as a bargaining chip in relationships, then the issue may be emotional as well as financial. In his compelling book Money Trouble, Mr. Manheim identifies the fifteen most common money games that people play, uncovers the underlying emotional or psychological issues, and provides an action plan of both psychological and financial steps the reader can take to break the games' hold on his or life and avoid any further money trouble. Filled with anecdotes and easy-to-reference charts, Money Trouble is a novel approach to helping us rethink our relationship with money.

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