Multimedia Journalism by R C Ramanujam

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ISBN: 8131300382   Publishing Date: 2008  Publisher: Aph Publishing House

The development of new media Technologies have dramatically influenced the practice of journalism. They have become increasingly relevant in relation to the way journalists themselves function as professionals in a digital world. The outcome is multimedia Journalism a convergence of new media technologies, ultimately resulting in a change in the manner in which journalists of the twenty-first century deliver the news. In this book, the social and Cultural Context of multimedia in journalism, its meaning for contemporary newsrooms and media organizations, and its current and emerging practices are discussed. The goal is to answer the question in what ways multimedia impacts upon the practice and self-perception of journalists, and how this process in turn shapes and influences the emergence of a Professional identity of multimedia journalism. T he contents of the book will be highly informative to students and professionals of journalism in the digital age.

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