Networth: Successful Investing in the Companies That Will Prevail Through Internet Booms and Busts (They're Not Always the Ones You Expect) by Stephen E. Frank

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ISBN 10: 0743210948     ISBN 13: 9780743210942  Publisher: Free Pr, 2002

An Internet-savvy correspondent for the Wall Street Journal offers his best advice on how to invest in a dot-com world, helping readers wade through the Amazon.coms and citysearch.coms of this new, exciting high-tech market.

While most investors avoid Internet stocks like the plague, Wall Street Journal and CNBC correspondent Stephen Frank thinks the sector is worth a second look. In NetWorth, Frank sorts through the wreckage of the dot-com crash and offers a framework by which savvy
investors can assess who the winners will be in the next few years. Frank's basic premise: the Internet is here to stay, and that every company will in some way soon be an Internet company. He begins the book with an insightful chapter on the merger of AOL and Time Warner, calling the new company the paradigm of the new economy. Frank then examines all the categories of Internet stocks and the companies within, including consumer (, Yahoo!, E-Trade), business to business (Ariba, I2, DoubleClick), and infrastructure companies (Akamai, Oracle, VeriSign). In all, NetWorth is a useful overview of this downtrodden sector that should interest anyone with a long investing horizon and a contrarian point of view. --Harry C. Edwards

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