Neuroscience Textbook Set: Development of the Nervous System, Second Edition

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0126186219 978-0126186215 June 10, 2005 2
Development of the Nervous System presents a broad treatment of the basic principles of neural development as exemplified by key experiments and observations from past and recent times.
The text is organized ontogenically, beginning from the induction of the neural primordium and leading to the emergence of behavior. It covers all the major topics that would form the basis of a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum along the way including the patterning and growth of the nervous system, neuronal determination, axonal navigation and targeting, neuron survival and death, synapse formation and plasticity.
The new text reflects the complete modernization of the field that has been achieved through the use of model organisms, the intensive application of molecular and genetic approaches, and the introduction of new imaging technologies.
Development of the Nervous System is richly illustrated with color photographs and original drawings. These illustrations, combined with clear, concise writing make this a book that is well suited to students approaching this intriguing field for the first time.



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