Surviving Financial Downsizing by Gail Perry

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Publication Date: June 2004

With job security at an all-time low and the cost of living at an all-time high, living frugally isn’t just prudent—it’s a financial necessity! Surviving Financial Downsizing is for the family or individual who has either chosen or been forced to live on less income. Financial expert Gail Perry shows readers that, with the proper planning, a cash-crunch doesn’t have to crush them financially. From coping with the initial sticker shock of a smaller paycheck to covering immediate expenses and keeping creditors at bay, Surviving Financial Downsizing provides advice and resources for every conceivable obstacle that could face the monetarily challenged.

Coverage includes:

·Developing an emergency fund
·Saving on everyday expenses
·Finding alternate sources of income
·Maintaining health coverage
·Liquidating assets and refinancing debt
·Preserving retirement savings

Whether living on less income is a permanent or temporary situation, this valuable reference provides useful guidance for years to come. Surviving Financial Downsizing is Plan B for anyone’s budget.


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