Teaching Methods of Physical Education by Saket Raman Tiwari, Yogesh Kumar Singh

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ISBN:    8131300773       Year Of Publication:     2010

It should be quite obvious and understandable that the level of elite sports in the country can be marginally lifted only by joing efforts of all involved in the process. This was very clearly proved by the experience of major sports countries in the world like former USSR USA China etc. But it or almost the same effect can bea chieved only under certain conditions. One and perhaps the main conditions of them is to make all involved understand that sports itself and elite sports in particular is a highly sophisticated system which can function efficinelty only in case everything is fine inside it. About Author : Dr. Saket Raman Tiwari (1957) did M.A. in Indian Philosophy from Kanpur University Kanpur and certificate in Yoga from Bihar School of Yoga Mugger (Bihar) and after he has completed his Advances Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga from Mahatma Gandhi chitrakoot University Chitrakoot Madhya Pradesh in the year 1995. The main area of interest is innovative teaching and practical training in yoga therapies. Prof. Chhote Singh Rathor (1956) did his M.P. Ed. from Gwaliayar University of Madhya Pradesh. The main aea of interest of teaching and research is in the field of Sports and Games. He is working in the direction of high level of innovative research in the area of sports at grass root level. He has worked as a lecturer in the Sport Training College Rewa and other sports college of diferent parts of the Madhya Pradesh. Contents : Preface Administration and Management: Nature Objectives and Scope Background of Physical Education Sports Management: Concept Types and Instructional Aspects Physical Education: Methods of Teaching Physical Education: Quality Teacher Physical Education: Teaching Aids Physical Education: Effective Library Physical Education: Classification of Students Class Management: Physical Activities Class Management: Financial Decision Bibliography

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